Camaca Singapore

Healthy and Sugar-Free Desserts suitable for everybody!

Camaca started out in Taiwan with the aim of producing sugar free and healthier desserts that could be enjoyed by everybody.

In 2019, Camaca entered Singapore with its flagship store at the newly re-opened King Albert Park Mall. The store spans across 2 stories, with seats available on both floors. The design is chic and elegant, with bold use of colors for its counter and furniture that makes the space pop. We especially liked how the space is very well lighted with natural lighting, with many good spots for that perfect OOTD shot.


The main attraction at Camaca is their gelato, which is freshly made in-house daily. The gelato is stored inside a plastic macaron shaped capsule that is made to prevent ice crystals from forming on the gelato, keeping the gelato consistently smooth and fresh. The capsule also helps to ensure that your gelato is kept hygienic throughout the day and ensures that you get the same consistent portion every time.

The capsule itself is inedible, so the gelato has to be ejected from the capsule using a special machine, similar to an instant coffee machine.

Gelato at Camaca

We were spoilt for choice at their gelato section but we eventually chose Madagascar Vanilla, Swiss Chocolate and even got a Royal Earl Grey at the end to go.

The gelato is smooth and light as promised. It is sugar-free and truly not sweet, ensuring that the gelat in gelato never happens. The milk and gelato flavors were well balanced and neither too milky or too overpowering.

There are many different flavors to choose from daily, but if you are a fan of Durians, one of their more popular flavors is the Musang King Durian.

If you prefer a less milky option, Camaca also has sorbets available in their signature macaron capsules, with novelty flavors such as Japanese Yuzu and Passion Mango.

Madagascar Vanilla, Swiss Chocolate and Royal Earl Grey

Besides their gelato, Camaca also offers many other dessert choices.

To start off, we decided on the Camaca High Tea Set. At S$23, the set consists all of Camaca’s signature treats, allowing you to try out everything they have to offer. The set includes: Cheese Roll Cake, Pound Cake, Dacquoise, Brownie, Caramel Nutty Tart, Nama Chocolate and a Pot of Tea.

Camaca High Tea Set

It may not look like much, but the high tea set was surprisingly filling and it took 2 to finish the set comfortably.

Out of the whole set, we especially loved the Cheese Roll Cake and Figs Pound Cake. The cheese roll cake may seem like a very regular offering at many cafes, but at Camaca it truly shines. The cake itself is very moist and fluffy, while the cheese cream is light and not too strong. The combination of both created a roll cake that was so light and easy to eat, we wished we had more! The roll cake is available in both slice (S$4/slice) or a whole roll (S$16/roll) and are available in Vanilla or Chocolate Cheese roll.

The Figs pound cake was also very memorable, with real pieces of fig inside and on the pound cakes. Pound cakes are usually more densely packed, but we found that this cake was also very light on the palette and very enjoyable. It is available in both piece (S$3/piece) or as a whole (S$10/whole piece) and are available in Chocolate, Orange, Fig and Lemon.

Fondue & Dessert

Besides having their foods in house, you can opt for take away or even gift hamper sets, which is very suitable for events or as corporate gifts.

Overall, we enjoyed our afternoon at Camaca. The desserts were indeed as advertised, non-sweet and yet very delicious. They have a wide variety of desserts and drinks to cater to everybody’s tastes. It is a great place for afternoon tea or a gathering.


9 King Albert Park #01-11/12 Singapore 598332

Facebook: Camaca Singapore


MONDAY – FRIDAY:                    11am-10pm
SATURDAY – SUNDAY:        9am – 10pm

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